Posted Date: 23, Apr 19

HELP, I Think My Online ID Has Been Compromised!

Being hacked online feels like a personal violation. A digital rape. The helpless feeling when you stare at missing Ringgit from your online bank account for something you’re certain you didn’t pay for. Then emotions start kicking in - confusion (did I really buy this?), feeling vulnerable and finally anger (eg, it’s the bank’s fault for not protecting me).

Watch out for the signs

  • Getting billed for purchases not made. Your bank and credit card accounts have unauthorized transactions.
  • You suddenly stopped receiving e-bills and other emails. This could be an indication that someone else may have taken over your account.
  • You're continually rejected when applying for loans or offered unfavorable rates.
  • You receive an SMS with TAC for something you didn't request for.
  • The number of phone solicitations for increase. Scammers are getting more and more innovative. There have been instances of scammers using a masking technique where the call appears as a recognized source (eg, a court or a bank) to induce you into revealing your personal information, bank account or credit card numbers.

Steps on how to secure your information

1. Create unique passwords using word-number combinations.

2. Be alert to phishing scams. Other than not attending to unknown phone numbers, always check that the url of websites you log into to conduct your payment / banking transactions. Eg, important websites’ url should begin with HTTPS (the more secure version of HTTP).

3. Be careful when downloading apps from unknown sources that could download malware and spybots to your device.

4. Don't overshare personal info over social media and never disclose to people you don't recognize.

5. Check your statements regularly.

6. If you feel something is amiss, contact your provider, bank .

At MyPay, we strongly believe in protecting personal information. Not only is your MyKad recognized as a unique ID but is doubly secured by a facial recognition verification feature. This step requires a one-time snap shot of your MyKad and the latest selfie. The system then matches your selfie with the photo in your MyKad. Once confirmed, access is granted to MyPay’s suite of Government services.

Most importantly, be alert. Be safe.