Terms of Use

As amended and restated on: January 4, 2019

    1. These terms and conditions (“these Terms”) apply to your use of the MyPay, eJamin and Hang-It web/mobile applications and websites (each referred to in these Terms as the “App” and the “Website” respectively) operated by us, Dapat Vista (M) Sdn Bhd (Company No. 508358-X) and with our principal place of business at Kelana Center Point, Unit 548 & 550, Blok A, 3 Jalan SS7/19, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia (“Company”).
    2. We grant you the right to install, access and use the App and the right to access and use the Website for the purposes of using the services offered as further described in these Terms. All of our other rights are reserved.
    3. By using the App or Website, you consent to the collection, storage, use and disclosure of your personal data according to, and agree to be legally bound by, these Terms as long as you have an account on the App or Website or continue to use the App or Website. You should read these Terms carefully before proceeding to use the App or Website.
    4. You confirm that you have the legal capacity (including being of legal age under Malaysian laws) and authorisation to use the App and/or Website and be bound by these Terms accordingly. If you do not have the legal capacity or authorisation to do so or if you do not agree to these Terms:
      (i) you must not use the App and Website; and (ii) if you continue to so use, you do so under a disclaimer of any rights against us and under the indemnity in paragraph 11(c).
    5. We hope you enjoy using the App and Website and find them useful. We want to hear your suggestions to improve the App and Website. You may email your feedback to us at [email protected] or write to us at our principal business address stated above.

    1. These Terms are current as of 21.02.2019. At any time, we may make changes to these Terms, the App and Website and the way they look or function. For example, content and functions may be added, removed, suspended, disabled or discontinued and fees may be introduced, waived or removed.
    2. By continuing to use the App or Website after the changes, you agree to those changes and to be legally bound by the updated version of these Terms and confirm that you have the legal capacity and authorisation to use the App and/or Website and be bound by the updated Terms.
    3. The updated version of these Terms is published on the Website. We are not obliged to notify you personally about the changes mentioned in this paragraph 2. However, we will give you the opportunity to stop using any free function of the App or Website before a fee is charged on it. We are not liable for any loss you may suffer due to the changes.

    1. To use the App and certain contents and functions of the Website, you must register an account and give the information required. You confirm that you have the legal right to give us all such information without restriction or any obligation on us to make payment. You also confirm that all information you give to us is true, accurate, current and complete. Please keep the information (including contact details) up-to-date so that we can reach you and the App and Website can work correctly.
    2. You authorise us to verify the information you give, including making enquiries with the relevant authorities, organisations or any third party whom we deem necessary to assist us in verifying your information. However, our efforts to verify do not reduce your responsibility to give true, accurate, current and complete information to us.
    3. Please keep your account details (including login, password and the answer to the security question for password reset) confidential. We are not liable for any loss (which includes but is not limited to any unauthorised access to your account) arising from your failure to do so. We are also not liable for any authorised or unauthorised third party use of your account, including anyone who uses your account on your behalf. You are solely responsible for any and all activity that happens on or through your account.

  4. POSTS
    1. The App and Website might allow you to post comments, reviews or other contents. You acknowledge that such content might be publicly displayed and accessible (whether by design on the App or Website, as a screen capture by others on other platforms, or any other means) and agree to be solely responsible for all consequences such post might entail. All content you store or post on the App and Website are your sole responsibility. You confirm that you have the legal rights to store and post such content.
    2. We may moderate or edit any post on the App and Website including censoring, cropping, shortening, deleting or delaying the display of it. When we allow your post with changes, we will indicate this on the post that we have made such changes. However, we are not obliged to review, moderate or edit content posted by anyone on the App and Website and do not give any endorsement or warranty on that content.

    1. You must use the App and Website only in a lawful manner and for a lawful purpose in accordance with the purpose for which we have officially promoted them and offered as a service.
    2. You are solely responsible to comply with all laws applicable to you in relation to use of the App and Website.
    3. Be friendly and respectful in interacting with others. Be careful about what information you make public and how it may be abused to endanger you.
    4. Give credit to the source of any reproduced content, and make sure you have permission to reproduce it. Check that all information you have entered is correct before submitting to us. Report to us any bug, glitch or unacceptable behaviour you encounter.
    5. When using the App and Website, you must not:
      • Decompile, reverse engineer or make any programming changes to the App and Website code, software architecture, user interface, design, content or function,
      • reproduce or distribute any part of the App and Website without our prior written consent.
      • Access any part of the App and Website other than through the interface we provide.
      • transmit or link to malware or malicious websites; hack; spam; or phish.
      • ask for votes of any kind or campaign for any political or crowdfunding purpose.
      • conduct commercial activity including recruitment, enrolment, advertisement, product promotion or direct selling, except what we specifically allow beforehand.
      • make petitions, surveys or charity requests.
      • make accusations against, or defame, a government, organisation or anyone else.
      • post anyone’s private matters or personal data.
      • post content that is, or encourages others to be, violent, indecent, hateful, racist or that is inappropriate by the social norms of the general rational public in Malaysia.
      • post content (including trademarks or those that are under copyright or any other legal protection for intellectual property) that violates intellectual property rights of anyone.
      • post news claiming to be true where you have no reasonable ground to believe it is true, or post any deceptive content.
      • impersonate anyone.
      • harass, threaten, bully or use verbally abusive language or encourage others to do so.
      • use the App or Website in furtherance of corrupt acts.
      • encourage others to break the law.
      • interfere with other users’ legitimate enjoyment of the App and Website.
    6. At any time, we may suspend or delete your account or limit your access to the App and the Website including its contents and functions. We may do so if you have breached these Terms, if we believe that the law requires us to do so or for any other reason at our sole and absolute discretion. We are not obliged to notify you about the suspension or deletion or give you reasons or compensate you for it. We are also not obliged to enable you to retrieve any data saved on our servers, except as mentioned in paragraph 6(f). However, we may at our sole and absolute discretion refund the excess portion of fees (if any). We are not liable for any loss you may suffer due to the suspension or deletion.